Brew Guide

How to cold brew, the easy way

Cold brew

We're all about making coffee easy, and with this guide, you'll learn how to make a simple method of brewing cold brew. As the heat starts to settle in this during the hot season, we love enjoying a cold brew on a hot summery day. Simply add ground coffee and water, and let it sit for at least eight to twelve hours in the fridge, then pour yourself a glass of ready to drink super delicious cold brew coffee directly from the bottle.

Follow this brew guide to make the best cold brew you've ever had, in the comforts of your own home!

Step 1

Weight 55 grams to 60 grams (depending on your desired strength) of coffee and grind on a coarse setting. The grounds should be about the size of coarse kosher salt.

Step 2

Remove the top lid, and twist to open filter basket, then add coffee to the bottom compartment.

Step 3

Reattach top of the filter and make sure it's secure.

Step 4

Twist the filter basket into the bottle top.

Step 5

Attach the filter basket and bottle top to the glass bottle. Fill the bottle to the top square mark with room temp, filtered water (~750 ml).

Step 6

Shake gently.

Step 7

Be gentle, we said!

Step 8

Place in your fridge, and let it sit for 8-12 hours. Or whenever you decide to wake up the next day.

Step 9

After 8-12 hours (or so), gently shake to stir the coffee. A 180 degree turn should do the trick.

Step 10

Remove the filter from the glass bottom, carefully. You don't want spilled cold brew on your counters, do you?

Step 11

Carefully remove the basket filter from the bottle top.

Step 12

Secure bottle top back on to glass bottom.

Step 13

Remove the spout lid, and pour over some nice cubes of ice into your favorite Be Bright Glass Can.

Step 14

Sip. Enjoy. Repeat.

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